Pokémon Ranger: Base Missions Completed

August 8, 2007 um 22:16 Uhr | In Games | No Comments

Today I completed the Pokémon Ranger (german language) base missions (that is, the main story including capturing the three legendary Pokémon). My stats so far are:

  • Play Time: 16:00 hours (exactly)
  • Step Count: 25,043
  • Speech Count: 310
  • Checked Targets: 307
  • Capture Trials: 573
  • Captured Pokémon: 695
  • Aborted Capture Trials: 4 (I got lazy in the end.. err)
  • Longest Capture Line: 1,177 meters
  • Circle Count: 10,361
  • Used Poké Strengths: 121
  • Minun Poké Strengths: 71
  • Destroyed FangKoms: 1 (that damn last child`s Pokémon)
  • Game Saves: 178
  • Experience Ponts: 30,079
  • Sea Challenge, Highscore: 1,700
  • Sea Challenge, Highest capture count: 9
  • Grassland Challenge, Highscore: 2,000
  • Grassland Challenge, Highest capture count: 6
  • Capture Arena, Highscore: 0
  • Capture Arena, Highest capture count: (challenge not taken)

All in all a very nice game and an interesting game experience with extensive touchpad use. Recommendation for all Pokémon fans 🙂

LaTeX Memory Size Problem

March 29, 2007 um 11:30 Uhr | In Computers | No Comments

Today I encountered a strange LaTeX problem:

! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [main memory size=1000000].

Using Fink on Mac Os X, you can find the texmf.cnf file in the /sw/share/texmf/web2c directory and change its memory size entry. To let LaTeX dump the new setting into its system, you’ll also need to call fmtutil --all. After that, the new memory size property is active.

First Mac Darkscreen

January 31, 2007 um 17:57 Uhr | In Computers | 2 Comments

It just happened! Yeah! After using Mac for quite some time now, on my new MacBook Pro (with an Intel processor) I experienced the first darkscreen! Reason was an unresolved kernel trap (CPU 1, type 14=page fault). For all those of you who’ve also never seen a Mac darkscreen before, here’s a photo i made- bad camera focus, I know :-/

Mac Darkscreen

Reinvented the Wheel

January 23, 2007 um 23:23 Uhr | In Media | No Comments

Link Last.fm Journal Entry
On January 6th, 2007, I’ve installed my new MBP and took the chance to set up a new purely iTunes-based music library. Not only the decision, to use iTunes for central music management, was new but I also changed the primary artist name formatting into the more common format »<first name> <second name>, <optional previx>« instead of the previous formatting »<second name>, <first name>[/<optional previx>]«, although I still think the old format is more convenient and logic.
Since I did encode all my music in Ogg Vorbis, which I still think is the best audio format available, and for iTunes and iPod sync I converted those Ogg files to Mpeg3, I now decided to primarily use AAC encoded audio. As a result I’m currently having a nice time ripping my CD collection again 🙂

Why Animexx Suxx

December 13, 2006 um 11:03 Uhr | In Culture & Politics, Media | No Comments

Why Animexx SuxxIt`s a long time ago I regularily visited Animexx. It has been somewhat annoying to me, so I started my own community project and so forth. I just returned today to have a look (and to prevent my account being disabled), and the website is not only annoying, but became a large collection of flashing and inlay-popping advertisement banners (see attached screenshot). Great, isn`t it? Oh, and I forgot to mention. It also opened advertised sites in the background. Really good job, Animexx. I know for myself how hard it is to manage projects and collect money for them, so bills can get paid. But putting three annoying ads on the website and opening a fourth in the background really is the wrong way. Flash and animated ads are the worst the web ever produced. Everyone who at least thinks a little bit about there users would prevent using those type of ads (if neccessary at all). The textual ads Google uses are much less annoying.

Desktop 2006/December

December 6, 2006 um 23:24 Uhr | In Computers, Personal | 2 Comments

Skurai 2006-12-06 23.13Well I know, there haven`t been much updates to this site nor blog the last weeks… I`m kinda busy right now – studies, two jobs, countless projects – but there`ll be more soon… at least I hope so 🙂 I just thought it might be a nice idea to post an actual desktop screenie (complete list and history available on the »:Mika« page). And.. well yes. I`m still living! ^^

Weisheit des Tages

November 1, 2006 um 11:39 Uhr | In Spirits & Philosophy | No Comments

»Die Phantasie ist das Höchstmaß an Perfektion, das der Mensch erreichen kann.«

Michael Maier, 2006-11-01 11.36 CET

What Jeff Killed

July 20, 2006 um 14:47 Uhr | In Comedy | No Comments

Well.. that`s kinda strange site… ignore the link if you are uncomfortable with anything under the skin… 🙂 (mauz~)

Link http://whatjeffkilled.com/

Gateway Page Update

July 17, 2006 um 13:30 Uhr | In Projects | No Comments

Last but not least: The Macintosh software blog is linked from the gateway site. Enjoy!

Corrected Server Issues

July 17, 2006 um 7:53 Uhr | In Projects | 2 Comments

Due to my changes of my domain structure some scripts failed to work; I just corrected them and updated some websites. If you encounter any errors, problems or strange behaviour, please contact me 🙂 Thanks!

Programming is Like Sex

July 10, 2006 um 19:06 Uhr | In Comedy | No Comments

Wenn, enjoy 🙂

Link http://push.cx/2006/programming-is-like-sex

Domain Structure (obsolete)

July 4, 2006 um 7:39 Uhr | In Projects | No Comments

About three weeks ago I reorganized my domain and subdomain structure. The main difference on the user side is, that subdomains were moved to subdirectories. This means, every subdomain e.g. Link https://blog.koushirou.de/ has become obsolete and the content moved to a subdirectory of the domain, e.g. Link https://koushirou.de/blog/ (this has since been reverted).

Please update your favourites and links (if there are any xD); the subdomains still work, but won`t last forever 😉

Mac Blog

July 4, 2006 um 7:19 Uhr | In Computers, Projects | 2 Comments

On June 4th I started a new project: A Macintosh software blog with descriptions, links and news on my recommended Macintosh software. I`ve found myself many times searching for the »best« software, preferred freeware, for my needs. Since I share these needs with a lot of people, setting up a blog as a software recommendation website is quite an easy task (although it requires much time, sure) and so I did. Check out

Link http://koushirou.de/mac/.

Feedback and recommendation submissions are appreciated.

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